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(John) Darren Sutton was born in Dungannon, Co Tyrone in 1972. Since graduating from Stafford College, England, he has spent 16 years producing public art in Scotland, England, Portugal and latterly Ireland.  These works include sculptures, murals and other commissioned works of art.

His sculptured work is cast in specialist cement as well as resin, aluminum and bronze.  Works are also created using brick, steel and wood.

In 2003 he was employed by the world famous Royal Worcester Porcelain. There he assisted members of the public in designing, decorating and producing porcelain products within the complex.

In 2006 Darren returned home to Dungannon where he was commissioned to work on Re-imaging projects in Belfast and Dungannon. Darren was also commissioned to produce major sculptures in Banbridge, County Down.

In 2010 he began work in Belfast for HBO film and television company.  There he produced a number of panels and three-dimensional works for a new TV series.


Darren has had the opportunity to refine and enhance his unique talent by working on numerous public artworks in England for over 15 years, but his most recent works have been created back home in Northern Ireland.  In the past five years his works have been commissioned by various local council authorities.

Solitude Park in Banbridge holds the stunning 21ft,  stainless steel  “Flax Flowers” sculpture.  Not only is this work unique in size and stature, it brings a positive, social ambience to the onlooker and an eye-catching focal point to the park.

At the opposite end of Banbridge town, Darren was commissioned to produce the “Family Entering the Workhouse” piece.  This bronze sculpture is a life-size work depicting a family being separated at the gate of the workhouse in days gone by.  Contrary to the subject matter this sculpture brings an uplifting, tangible presence to the area, and is situated on an elevated site where the original workhouse stood.

All works featured on this site have been modelled, carved, fabricated or painted by John Darren Sutton. (unless otherwise stated) for:  HBO, EBC (Portugal), Art Theme FX, A4A, Public & private commissions.